2018 - We are Ready for You!

A new year brings new thoughts, hopes, dreams, and ambitions.  Personal resolutions are made to get in shape, travel more, learn patience, and the list goes on.  It’s as if the excitement of Christmas carries over to the new year.  This excitement spurs determination to reach goals and I love it.  

Over the holidays, a friend encouraged me to order Powersheets.  It’s a workbook that walks you through setting goals based on things that are important to you.  It forces you to dig deep and creates such a stir, you feel anything is possible.

Today, a piece of that workbook was implemented at our daily meeting.  The staff was challenged to select a word or two to be our focus for 2018. The entire staff had to agree on the words chosen.  They chose two words.  Cohesive and Growth….let that sink in.  An office full of women working (and yes, it is WORK some days) to be cohesive - to work together and to seek personal growth as leaders.  I couldn’t be prouder of the words chosen.

It’s said that runners reach a “runner’s high”.  It’s the point during a run when adrenaline takes over, their legs become almost numb, and they feel as if they are floating on air.  Rumor is, there is no better feeling.  I wouldn’t know when it comes to running; those that know me, know I run about as fast as a turtle!  Haha! But accomplishing goals and seeing others set and accomplish their goals gives me the same “high”.  There’s just nothing like watching the staff come together, to set goals like becoming more cohesive and growing personally as leaders.  So 2018, we are ready for you. Get ready for cohesive growth!

Written by Dr. Jennifer Carter