An Open Letter to Our Patients

Your smile gives me energy. All those kind words give me motivation. That hug was never forgotten. Your tears left a lasting impression. That funny joke carried me through the day. That question you taught me something new. “Do I want to see a picture of your grandbaby?” you ask. Absolutely, I want to see two. When your sweet baby is scared, I'll hold her hand. If you’re a little unsteady, we will walk together. When life has you down, I'll pray for you. Your uncanny strength to battle life's hardest challenges, you are my hero. You want to learn to wear contacts for your daughter's wedding, I'll teach you. When you share your good news, I'm happy for you. How was my day you ask? Well it just got better! I see you holding back tears, it's okay we’ll cry together.

 We all leave this office with our day having been influenced by a special moment that we had with our patients. Those moments are what continue to carry us through our day, week, and year. I might not remember the words that someone used, but I will never forget how they made me feel.

 Written by:  Melissa Hill