For the Love of Vision and Football - Told by Tiffany

People often ask me what is it about West Georgia Eye Care that has kept me being their local glasses lady for the last 17 years.  It’s really a simple answer: I have the opportunity to take care of people that I get to call my friends. Whether it’s in the office, grocery store, gym, or local football game, I come across some pretty amazing people that impact my life forever.

Recently I met a sweet, humble young man who aspires to be an engineer and happened to share my love of football. He is the player that is responsible for making sure the other team doesn’t catch their intended pass. When he was missing passes that should have been blocked or intercepted, his coach knew there was a problem.  This lead to a spur of the moment trip to our office. After his vision testing, we found he could not see…..literally. He had been compensating at school by moving to the front of the room or as close to the board as he could and in football, he couldn’t even see the ball 10 yards away. Now mind you, he never once complained that he couldn’t see. He just assumed this was how he was supposed to see things.

We were able to improve his vision with glasses and contacts. The look of wonder and joy on his face when he could see things will be something that I never forget. Watching him walk out to the car looking all around at things most of us take for granted will be forever in my mind.  He will always remember that day and so will our team. We captured that day with a picture that I will always treasure.  On the following Friday night, coming home from a tough loss for my son’s team, the radio was broadcasting the game in which this young man was playing. He had the game of his life in a huge comeback win for his team. When I heard about his accomplishments on the field, it brought tears to my eyes and started yelling at my husband…”That’s my boy!!”. He thought I had lost my mind, but once I explained who “my boy” was he realized why I was acting like a maniac.

The next week, he came back for a follow up visit and we both just smiled. I told him how proud I was of him and my story of hearing about him on the radio. He, of course, was so humble and said “that’s a really good story, ma’am”. I got my hug before he left and told him to do great things. I can’t wait to see how his future shapes up. Encounters like this are what make my job as the West Georgia “glasses lady” a true pleasure.