Guidance, Comfort, & Love

“Start out by going EAST on Dixie St.” EAST!! Which way is East?  Why can’t the GPS just say go right or straight? This is probably the most frustrating set of directions. We can’t be the only ones that feel this way, can we get an amen?!

Directions can be difficult; they can be confusing and overwhelming. Our goal is to be a guide to you, rather than a direction giver. At West Georgia Eye Care, we have a set of guidelines that we live by. One is to escort patients around the office, rather than point to another area. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been here, we will walk with you through your visit.

It’s comforting for someone to walk with you regardless of the situation. Don’t you agree? Whether directing you on how to put in contact lenses, how to use your drops or something as simple as how to get to the restroom we are here to walk with you, literally.

The simplest of gestures can make some of the biggest impacts throughout your day. Our goal is to be your guide, your lead, and your hand to hold if you need it. No matter which direction life is taking us, we all need a little guidance, comfort, and love.

Written By: Kasey Pope