Have You Met Fred? - Written by Dr Jennifer Carter

There are some moments in life when things just click and you have found your place or purpose or people.  Those moments are uncommon but definitely worth holding onto.  In June 2011, I came to work at West Georgia Eye Care (WGEC).  And when I say work, I mean I came to do a job and go home - nothing more and nothing less.  I was jaded by years of working for other people.  What I didn’t expect was to find this was much more than a job.

Have you ever read the book The Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn?  If you haven’t, you should. It’s short, easy to read and worth your time.  Years before I came to West Georgia Eye Care, Mike Rothschild, the founder, started giving a copy of “The Fred Factor” to ALL of his employees.  Not only were they asked to read it, but it was also discussed with each individual.

It was also given to me when I accepted the job at WGEC.  It’s the story of a mailman named Fred, who made all his interactions with people memorable and special.  Even though most would consider his job ordinary, he made it extraordinary by going the extra mile.  His reward for going above and beyond was the satisfaction of knowing others were truly taken care of; he found taking care of others was therapeutic for him.  

Like Fred, I found when I turned my focus to others, each day was fulfilling.  West Georgia Eye Care started to become a place of healing for me, personally. I discovered a true passion for people, leadership and healthcare.  There was a moment when I realized this is my place, these (you) are my people, and my purpose is to be a “Fred”.  Funny thing is, I’ve watched this moment happen for all of the staff as well.  

Our current employees have read the book and all new employees will get a copy.  Why?  Because of the strong foundation this office was built upon.  Because at West Georgia Eye Care we want you to know this is more than a place to have your eyes checked.  It’s a place where strangers become family; where we laugh together and cry together.  It’s a place where we share chocolates from a recent trip, pictures of new babies, or stories of loved ones passed.  

We are here to take care of your eyes, but also to be your “Fred”.