Today We Wear Red

February 2, 2018 - National Wear Red Day

Today we wear red.  We wear red in honor of those fighting heart disease.  We wear red in memory of those who have lost the battle to heart disease.  We wear red to raise awareness.

On a regular basis, patients first learn about their heart disease during an eye examination.  The tiny blood vessels in the back of the eyes can tell us so much about overall health.  Signs of critical heart disease in the eyes can lead to difficult conversations.  There’s a moment of disbelief which is sometimes followed by tears.  An immediate referral to cardiology is made; it must seem like a whirlwind at the time.

But then at some point, during that make or break time of life, a stroke of determination floods over many of these patients.  That’s the best.  It’s a determination to see another day and do whatever it takes to get there.  

As eye care providers, we don’t always get to see the moment when willpower takes over.  It may be six months or longer after the eye examination.  But it’s incredible to see someone who left in tears at their last visit, return healthier, bolder, stronger than they’ve ever been.

So today we wear red for the fighters...past, present and future.


To learn more about heart disease and how to prevent it, check out this link: