Yesterday Was a Hard Day

Yesterday was a hard day.  Not because there were difficult patients or difficult diagnoses to be made.  Not because it was the middle of the week and that’s when we have to dig the deepest to get through.

Yesterday was a hard day because so many of our patients were in emotional despair.  One struggled to care for his wife with alzheimer's, another’s husband passed recently, another’s granddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

Yesterday was a hard day.  We were all emotionally drained.  There is such a strong bond with our patients that their sorrows are our sorrows.  It was a hard day but was a day that gave us pause to reflect on how very thankful we are.  We are thankful that our patients share their lives with us, thankful to be the listening ear to hear all the beautiful memories, and thankful that even though some days seem hard, those are really the most impactful and satisfying.  The hard days are really the best days.