Contact Lenses

There are a number of reasons why you might prefer to wear contact lenses rather than standard eyewear: a glasses-free look, hassle-free vision correction, wearing non-prescription sunwear and goggles, or the convenience of not having to worry about misplacing your glasses.  You might have also been told that contact lenses are not an option because of your prescription. With today’s contacts there are many new options available for high prescriptions, astigmatism, and  even replacing your bifocal glasses with bifocal contact lenses.

Your eye care provider can recommend the best contact lenses for you based on a complete eye examination and a review of your visual needs both at work and play.

Soft lenses

These lenses are comfortable to wear and must be replaced monthly or daily depending on the type of contacts your doctor prescribes. Soft lenses are suitable for just about everyone; they fit closer to the eye and are more difficult to dislodge during the various activities of our busy days. They can also provide correction for most prescriptions including astigmatism and bifocals.  

Gas-Permeable (GP) Lenses

Made of moderately flexible plastics, GP lenses are a great option when soft lenses are not the best fit.  They offer sharp vision and correct most vision problems. They are more durable than soft contact lenses and can be easier to handle and care for but require a longer adaptation period and consistent wear to maintain adaptation.

Multifocal Lenses

In both soft and gas permeable designs, multifocal lenses offer patients both distance and near vision correction.

Regardless of the type of contact lenses you wear, an annual eye exam is recommended to ensure the continued good health of your eyes. Schedule an appointment  with either of our experienced doctors for your comprehensive evaluation and personalized contact lens recommendations.

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